Student Planner Accessories

Upgrade your student planner with the following popular options. Accessories are available for Personalized Planners only.

Calendar Magnets

Personalized Calendar Magnets are a great communication tool for parents, kids and staff. Showcase your school calendar on a 4”x 7” custom magnet designed for your school.

Custom Handbook Pages

**The Personalized Planners include free custom handbook pages. Additional pages can be added for an extra cost based on your needs. Schools use handbook pages to print rules, policies, and safety instructions.

Standard Title Pages

Students can write their name, address, and any other individual information on this page so it can be returned if lost. It can be bound in the front of your planner before the handbook pages. *Included in elementary and primary planners for no extra charge.

Inside & Back Cover Printing

*High school and middle school planners have free inside back cover printing with our NEW Character Page.

Cardstock Hall Pass

Additional hall pass space is often needed and this cardstock sheet is filled with hall pass tables that can be bound into your planner. *Hall passes are included in the high school and middle school weekly spread, plus one free extra sheet as the last page. (non-cardstock)

Character Page

*High school and middle school planners include for free our NEW Character Page as inside back cover printing. It can also be purchased for an additional cost in other spaces or planner types.

Bookmarks/ID Pouch

Bookmarks – Heavyweight plastic markers are easily moved each week and help students quickly find their place.

Dura Glaze Cover

Have this sturdy vinyl sheet bound over your cover for extra durability. The clear vinyl page has a slight swirl pattern to give your cover a holographic look.

Wall Charts

Display your monthly classroom schedule with our new dry-erase wall charts. Sections for weekly spelling words and notes are included. They are double laminated for durability, and it’s easy to change your agenda each month. Dimensions are 25″ x 18″ and can be purchased with any student planner order. $4.00 each (minimum order of 5). *There is no personalization on the wall charts.