We All Love Free!

We All Love Free!

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Plan To Save BIG

Plan To Save BIG

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Planners For Every Age.

Planners For Every Age.

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Meridian Student Planners provides premium school planners for every age group.

High School Student Planners

High School

A compact planner that will keep your high school students organized.

Our high school student planner focuses on successful study habits and organizational skills needed for everyday high school life.

Middle School Student Planners

Middle School

A versatile student planner created to prepare students for high school.

Our middle school student planner focuses on study tips, time management skills and parent/teacher communication.

Elementary School Student Planners

Elementary School

A practical planner for grades 3-5 made to guide students through daily school activities.

Our elementary student planner focuses on daily subject tracking, spelling words and parent/teacher communication.

Primary School Student Planners

Primary School

A practical planner for K-2 students to practice skills needed to read and write.

Our primary student planner focuses on parent/teacher communication.

Teacher Planners

Teacher Planner

Specialized for teachers, these Teacher Planners include sections of student grade records, seating changes and lesson plans.

Adventure Log

Adventure Log

The Adventure Log designed by Mike Smith is more than just a student planner. It showcases “Let’s Do This” sections, inspirational quotes, weekly goals and areas for reflection.

Cover Inspiration

The cover you select for your planner is an important choice.

Students will carry around the planner all year so choose something that properly reflects your school. Browse our selection of professionally designed FREE covers for each age group.

Cover Inspiration
Meridian Student Planners

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Budgets are limited when it comes to purchasing student planners; why not have local businesses help YOU reduce the cost of your planners? We put together a kit that will help you sell advertising spots in your student planners. These ads can help offset the cost of your planners.

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What Our Customers Say

I have to tell you...

“I have to tell you that the Planners Look Great! I have never dealt with a company with such ease and with such great results. You are an amazing representative for Meridian! Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you next coming school year!”


Wanted to let you know...

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the courtesy shown to me by Katrina Wentworth!!  She gave me a courtesy call on Monday because I hadn’t submitted my final information for the cover of our planners.  The email she had sent went into my spam, so if she wouldn’t have called I would never have submitted the information and been sitting here in August wondering where our planners are.  I just wanted to drop you a note thanking her for her kindness and consideration. This is such a hectic time of year, I’m just so grateful she took the time to go the extra mile and save me from a huge headache later.”


Brunswick, MO

As a first venture...

“As a first venture into Student Planners/Agendas for our school in several years, we are very pleased with the products received from Meridian Student Planners. Our staff and students appreciate the high quality of the Student Planners as well as the useful resources provided. The decision to include our school’s Student Handbook in the Student Planner has provided a beneficial avenue for communication of our school’s resources and expectations. One of the most exciting parts of the process is seeing our students referring to and utilizing the agendas for their assignments.

The staff at Meridian Student Planners was always available and helpful in guiding our school through the exploration, planning, and preparation of our Student Planners/Student Agendas. We appreciate their expeditious handling of each step of the process which resulted in an excellent product delivered on time.”

Lantare, FL

As the only assistant principal

“As the only assistant principal at Carpenters Middle School, I needed a company that could produce a high-quality planner with attention to detail, but at the same time, I needed to maximize my time on the task.  Working with Jostens was like having a personal concierge that helped me throughout the process.  I have high expectations, and Jostens exceeded all of them.”

Maryville, TN

Based on...

“Based on your outstanding customer service and the quality of Meridian’s student planner, we have decided to do business with you and the company.”



Marrero, LA

Meridian is the best!

“Meridian is the best! I wouldn’t consider using any other company.”

Palmdale, CA

We have been...

“We have been with Meridian Planners for ten years. They have always offered a reasonably priced product that fits our school’s needs, and the service has been outstanding!”

Pratt, KS